ADHD College Coaching


·      Seeking to raise your GPA?

·      Frustrated you never learned how to study and can’t seem to stay focused?

·      Want quick strategies for managing time for greater efficiency?

·      Wouldn't it be great to stop procrastinating and be highly productive?

·      Want to get rid of test-anxiety once and for all?

·      Looking for better ways to get organized?


College students with ADHD/ADD are highly creative, and typically the ones to spark lively evocative discussions in class and with their peers, and often take on more than they can handle. Some students with ADHD are highly motivated. But unfortunately many suffer from chronic disorganization and overwhelm which leads to poor motivation along with procrastination, and ultimately depression and anxiety.

With good coaching, this problem may be easily fixable; in fact my clients often see results fairly quickly, once they apply my step-by-step model, personally customized to their learning style. You know that your performance is not reflective of your knowledge and creativity, yet you find yourself feeling perpetually stuck. In our work together we will take all that is overwhelming and break it down into “bite-size” manageable pieces that can be easily tackled.

ADHD/ADD is a challenge of momentum. Only a coach with a specialty in ADHD Coach training can appreciate the struggles with procrastination and ensuing shame and overwhelm. But beyond that, a good coach will work with you to identify your unique strengths and find strategies that work with your learning difference, rather than in resistance. You will learn to find your momentum to move you forward and stay on track to achieve your goals, week by week. Powerful coaching is about extracting the gifts that lie within YOU and putting them into concrete action. Knowing you are being held accountable on an ongoing basis does wonders for accomplishing your goals, dreams and beyond! The good news is these skills will not only get you through college with tremendous pride, actualizing your potential, they are skills for life success. Moving forward from where you are right now, in the direction to where you would like to be requires taking that first step, which is often the hardest, and that is finding an ADHD Coach. If you are reading this, that means you are almost there!


Why work with me? What is my added value? When you work with me you get an empathic, seasoned psychotherapist, in practice over 25 years, with an Integrative approach along with Positive Psychology, which is key in counteracting the prevalence of negative self-talk.

In addition to being an ADD Coach, my background and training, includes:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) scientifically proven to be the treatment of choice for ADHD and often more effective than medication
  • Mindfulness and Breathwork scientifically proven to enhance the immune system, mood and brain functioning through lowering the stress response. Experience your own results and the power of neuroplasticity.
  • Holistic nutrition and wellness addresses the many factors playing a huge role in our mood, energy, sleep, overall health and functioning
  • Couples and family therapy can make succeeding in college while navigating the tenuous waters of ADD and relationships can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be once everyone is on the same page working towards the same goals. 



Insurance reimbursable: Also, I accept out of network benefits and can work with your insurance company directly to accept benefits in many cases. 

Call for a complimentary strategy session today and begin the road to healing and happiness, and start transforming the obstacles in your life into opportunities!


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