My mission for over a decade has been to:

Help women affected by ADHD to actualize their potential, access calmness, be productive and have fun in the process!

Learn strategies to overcome those times you are:

•    Unable to focus

•    Easily distracted

•    Not able to stay on track or follow through

•    Procrastinating

•    Overwhelmed

•    Disorganized

•    Mentally restless

•    Plagued by piles of unfinished work, unopened mail, and confusion   

•    Overextending yourself

•    Sabotaging your own efforts

If you answered “yes!” to any of the above and
Want to learn strategies to help you:

 •   Move from chaos to calm

•    Procrastination to productivity

•    Stay present with a given task

•    Follow through tasks and projects through completion

•    Set priorities that matter and give you a sense of accomplishment

•    Find more fulfillment in your work

•    Find more balance with your family life

•    Take the next step forward

I am a professionally trained Life and ADHD Coach, Licensed Therapist and Holistic Nutrition Counselor/Coach.

To find out how coaching can be just the support you need to get you to the next level, and beyond, why not experience it for yourself?  Find out how one conversation can change your life.

Other modalities that may be incorporated into our work include:

Mindfulness and Breathwork scientifically proven to enhance the immune system, mood and brain functioning through lowering the stress response. Experience your own results and the amazing power of neuroplasticity 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) scientifically proven to be the treatment of choice for ADHD and just as, if not often more effective than medication

Holistic nutrition and wellness addresses the many factors playing a huge role in our mood, energy, sleep, overall health and functioning

Couples and family therapy
Succeeding in your career while navigating the tenuous waters of ADD in relationships can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be once everyone is on the same page working towards the same goals. 


Don’t delay any longer, call me today for a complimentary strategy session and learn how coaching can relieve the pressure, empower you and put you on the road to success. You’ll be glad you did.



Contact Karen:

Phone: 212-734-4302