Individual Therapy


The term individual therapy is used interchangeably with counseling and psychotherapy. Nowadays, sessions can take place not only in office, but by phone, skype, or a variety of other secure online video platforms, making access to therapy and coaching easier than ever before, enabling us to work together with vast choices any time of day or night, from any part of the globe! As a seasoned clinician, having studied a variety of treatment modalities, I draw on whatever approach is most relevant for my clients, along with invaluable resources and often “homework” assignments to maintain momentum and maximize results for change and improved quality of life. While “shift” and transformation can happen in an instant, during a session, much of the work is often done in between sessions, when new behaviors and mindset are formed and implemented.


As a professionally trained coach, I can help you manage challenges, opportunities or goals with an orientation different than psychotherapy. Coaching is an excellent tool for achieving milestones more quickly, without necessarily the depth of psychotherapy. It is a personal preference, although some issues lend themselves more to coaching than therapy and vice-versa. For instance, if a college student is struggling with study skills, organization and time management skills and test anxiety, I find it is typically more expeditious to do coaching with weekly action steps and accountability. On the other hand, if a college student has ADHD, and suffers from the same obstacles just mentioned, but can’t get out of bed due to debilitating depression and anxiety, coaching would not make sense at that juncture. That individual could best benefit from a supportive psychotherapeutic approach involving Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to best help the person break the negative cycle, and replace those with new positive behaviors that support the person’s greater potential and functioning. As part of an integrative approach, we would want to rule out any medical condition that could be a factor while examining the role of nutrition, physical activity, relationships and connectivity to best support optimal functioning.


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