Couples Therapy


Whether you and you partner have just started dating, or you’ve been married for many years, couples therapy can be beneficial in helping to change dysfunctional relational patterns, and to assist you in creating a vision for the optimal type of relationship for which you are striving. As a couple and family systems trained therapist, I help couples sort out their issues with a totally objective, neutral stance, not aligning with either partner. For this reason, it is often more desirable to enlist the help of a couple’s therapist that does not have a pre-existing therapeutic relationship with either partner.


When couples get ingrained in negative communication patterns, it is often difficult to imagine reversing those patterns and restoring to the level of happiness you once shared. This is the time to enlist the help of a professional to help break the negative sequence and find more gratifying ways of relating that facilitate growth and expansion in your relationship, whether together or separate.


As a skilled ADHD Coach and couples therapist, I am also well adept at helping couples with ADHD, whether it is one or both partners or spouses, to learn more adaptive and effective ways of listening and communicating.  Either way, the frustration the couple experiences is the same, and empathic understanding and new ways of relating are paramount, that build on each person’s strengths. There are a variety of quick, easy to implement strategies that can be practiced in session, and results often come about quickly when couples are highly motivated to make positive changes.



Insurance reimbursable: Also, I accept out of network benefits and can work with your insurance company directly to accept benefits in many cases. 

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