Day 3- Don’t (Ever) Let Him Go (Wednesday September 27, 2006)

My mellow dog who’s very quiet and rests a lot jumped up this morning upon our wake up call at 6am.  He was all excited and really wanted to play!  We were told to keep him tied up or on leash at all times. 

I thought since Tim had said that my dog was “more mature” than the others, I’d save time and get dressed while he ate.  Well, before I knew it, there he was, lying in my bed, all comfy and content, like he was a prince. 

Not only that, he refused my prompts to get off my bed.  I had to get a trainer to get him off, who also pointed out an empty soap wrapper that he could’ve eaten.

Then we took our student bus to our first outing which was a quiet countryish bike path.  Again, we were warned to hold onto the leash even on the bus to keep a hold on it with our foot.  I had my foot on it the whole ride there but must’ve let go for a split second cos as I stood up to get off the bus doggie was not there and Tim came on the bus and said, “Karen, Where’s your dog?”  He’d run off the bus and apparently Tim caught him before he ran away, or maybe ran after him.

Today’s lesson:  Keep him on the leash and don’t ever let him go or out of my “sight!!!”