Day 2 - Love at First “Sight” (Tuesday September 26th)

Today I got my dog named “Bill.”  They knocked on my door, told me to sit down, and then brought him in.  He was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen (besides my kids of course).  I just kept petting him and telling him what a good boy he was and how beautiful he was and started singing, “You’re Beautiful.”  He gave me his paw, and later he gave both, as if to give me a hug and let me know he loved me too.

I told him about his new sibs he would soon meet (thinking how ecstatic the kids would be to meet him) and wished I’d had recent pictures to show him, but knew he’d meet them soon enough and would be so grateful to have them as part of his new family.

He rested and slept a lot today; after tonight’s lecture he jumped up on me with both paws which I’d never, in all the 10 hours I’d known him, seen him do.  After we took him out to “break” him or “water” him he came back and slept some more.  He just jumped up and really looked like he wanted to play desperately, but they seem to discourage that, so I just hugged him a bit.

I’m very sleepy and we have to get up at 6ish and I have to water, feed and take him out by 7am, so I better get some rest.I feel so lucky to have gotten this incredibly wonderful dog, and I know my family will too!

Some additional thoughts….
“Bill” is such an amazing dog that he was able to find my door to my room the very first time we headed back together, after having just met.  The trainer told me he was taken away from his previous guardian who mistreated him.  I feel sad for him, but happy that I got him as a result and heartened knowing he was in great hands now with me and his soon to be new loving family.

We did some training around the building, teaching him to find doors and stop at each one, and find meeting areas and find my chair.  Then we took them for “breaks” to pee or poop outside and he has to find the curb before the sidewalk, then the next curb, then we tell him to “go out front” below the curb and we say to them “busy, busy, busy” which means they should do their business. He gets fed and watered before 7am and takes 2 scoops of dry kibble, and then again at 4.

At night Tim, the head of training and my personal instructor gave a talk on all sorts of things about having and using a guide dog.  I can’t remember everything now, but he said for those who take the subways in NYC we will be going to the city for 2 days to learn safe travel with our dog.  He said the subway is very dangerous and does not recommend anyone go unless you use the subway, and will be using it very soon.  He also doesn’t like escalators, as he’s seen the dogs paws get stuck in the grates and bleed.  Luckily I don’t need to use escalators very often.