Day 1- I Wanna Go Home (Monday September 25th, 2006)

Why won’t they let me go home…yeah yeah..this is the worst trip, I’ve ever been on….Valerie, one of the trainers picked me up at 6am; I’d returned from Camp Isabella (Jewish organic farm/spiritual retreat center) where we went for Rosh Hashana late Sunday night.  I found myself packing for most of the night and doing what I needed to get ready and there was no time for sleep.

She took me to a supermarket to get water and munchies I’d want/need to make this place more palatable (yes pun intended).  She then oriented me to the building.  I was the only one at breakfast since most of the group arrived on Sunday. I was anxious to see the offerings, since on their form I checked off vegetarian and gluten-free diet.

It was then I realized they not only had no clue what gluten-free was or vegetarian, when they offered me chicken noodle soup and a tuna fish sandwich.  Luckily I was so exhausted I couldn’t eat anyway. 

Tim was then going to do some “Juno walks” with me to see if the dog they’d selected was still the right fit.  At this point I’d been awake 28 hours and was feeling dizzy.  They had mercy and let me take a nap. The rest is a blur; I just remember Tim saying they didn’t need to re-test me since they were sure the dog they had was the right match for me.